odhlásit se z odběru novinek

Is a new gallery of contemporary art in the centre of Ostrava. The dream of industrial revolution vanished into thin air and its essence is nostalgically floating through the rusting city.

INDUSTRIAL GALLERY is in tune with this essence, but it is definitely not lethargic. As the title suggests, it is a contemporary (IN) and active (industria) artistic platform. It is a creative eventful cultural place.

The gallery presents the authors of the youngest generation, talented students and graduates from Czech, Slovak and foreign universities and its aim is to develop their concepts at the beginning of their artistic careers. The gallery also maps the distinctive, fresh trends and offers the benefit of the experience to the visitors. Apart from the works of emerging artists, the gallery focuses on the production of established artists mainly from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The gallery thus offers top artistic works of the youngest, middle and the most experienced artistic generations.

The gallery purposefully avoids specialization on one type of works and puts emphasis on the quality and topicality of the ideas. Therefore, apart from the artists themselves, it offers a co-operation with curator projects. It presents a wide range of media representing visual culture and free and applied arts.

The gallery goes beyond the local artistic scene and co-operates with foreign artists and curators. It offers to the visitors the latest trends in contemporary art.

It confronts the art and incites a dialogue. It puts emphasis on quality and fulfils the expectations of the public that is enriched by its creative atmosphere.

The presentation of artworks is not an end in itself. The gallery is a mediator and provides a mutual understanding between the public and the world of art. This activity includes the organization of lectures, presentations, workshops, meetings with artists and curators and other educational activities for all age groups.

The gallery is located on the Zahradní street no. 10. Apart from the gallery and a unique café in the Art Nouveau style, there is also a loft where the side events take place. The gallery extends its activities into the industrial areas of foundries in Vítkovice that are intended for the organization of happenings.

Industrial gallery shatters and exceeds the notion of art as something elitist and wants to rouse an interest of the public in the contemporary art and its spreading from the limited boundaries of the gallery.

Premises of the gallery:::

(The ground plan is in the files section.)


Industrial Gallery
Záhradní 1282/10
702 00 Ostrava
GPS: 49.838052,18.287687
Po - Pá: 10:00 - 18:00

+420 725 951 904