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Erik Šille

painting, object, Slovakia

Erik Šille (*1978 in Rožňava) finished his studies at VŠVU in Bratislavain 2006 in the atelier of contemporary painting of prof. Ivan Csudai, where he then worked as an assistant in 2010. Apart from the paintings he does graphics and objects too. He was awarded the prize of Igor Kalný in 2006, was also a finalist and the winner of VÚB Malba in 2009, laureate of the Prize Tatra Banka Mladý Tvorca in 2010. He participated in many outstanding exhibitions of contemporary art. In theCzechRepubliche participated for example in exhibitions Formáty Transformacie (2009), Selection 11.1 (2009) and ObraSKov (2011). His works are parts of the collections of the Slovak National Gallery, EP Collection Brussel, Wannieck Gallery Brno, Marek Collection etc.


Industrial Gallery
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